Victoria Beckham looked tight last night at the Marc Jacobs show in what looks like a Herve Leger dress. I'm not sure since I am not a fashionista (I leave that to my girl Fab), but isn't that a no-no. Anyway, MJ didn't seem to care. Marc is notorious for starting his shows late and this year he was supposedly two hours delayed. Now that's just beyond rude. Even though Anna Wintour and her daughter Bee were there I can't imagine they would wait that long for any show - even MJ. Carmen and Mischa stopped by while Courtney Love showed off her insanely bright blue eyes. Heath Ledger doesn't appear to have showered but he did remember his trusty red Wayfarers. Phew. We're holding out for Fab's review but from the look on Victoria's face, some of the looks seem to be seriously confusing.

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