Channing Tatum in GQ's Men of the Year Issue | December 2012

Channing Tatum Flashes His Sexiest Smile For GQ

Channing Tatum Flashes His Sexiest Smile For GQ

Channing Tatum suited up and perfected his tie on the December cover of GQ, on newsstands Nov. 20. The magazine's highlighting the hottest stars of 2012 and sat down with Channing to chat about and recap his undeniable box-office success. Channing drew major attention in the Spring with The Vow, raking in over $40 million during its opening weekend, and followed it up with the critically acclaimed comedy 21 Jump Street. Over the Summer, Channing put his assets and dancing skills on display in Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike and starred opposite his real-life love, Jenna Dewan, in the independent flick Ten Year. Here's more from Channing and his thoughts the past year:

  • Channing on the career advice he received from "very successful, smart actors": "They were like, 'Grind it. If you love it, grind it.' I did. And a lot of people who didn't grind it, it's not that they're not in a good place, but I'm in a better place."
  • Channing on his decision to star in The Vow: "I did The Vow because I really love being in love."
  • Channing on working out with Jamie Foxx on set: "We have a trailer we go in and do meatheadish things."