Charlize Theron Pictures in December 2011 Vogue

Charlize Theron Talks Stuart, Kristen Stewart, and More in Vogue

Charlize Theron Talks Stuart, Kristen Stewart, and More in Vogue

Charlize Theron wore a stunning silver gown for the cover of December 2011's Vogue, which will be available in the US on Nov. 22. The actress is out and about chatting up her upcoming movie Young Adult, which is the second collaboration from Juno writer and director Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman. Charlize spoke about working with Jason shortly after splitting from her boyfriend of 10 years Stuart Townsend. She reflected on what it's like being single for the first time in her adult life, and how she's now throwing herself back into work. Another of her projects hitting theaters in the coming year is Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart, who Charlize raves about as well. Charlize said:

  • On making Young Adult after her split from Stuart Townsend: "I’d gotten out of a relationship, and I was in this really floaty place. My feet weren’t touching the ground. I just kind of turned to [Jason Reitman] and was like, ‘I feel like me again.’. . . [The relationship] was sinking, and I had to give it a fight. I really wanted to try and make it work. That was the priority. I wouldn’t do it any different way."
  • On finally being single: "I’ve never been single. This is the first time in my life. From the time I was 19, I’ve been in relationships, literally gone from one to the other within a month. . . . It’s been good for me. I’m a creature who’s really found her comfort zone in relationships. . . . It’s been nice to rediscover myself. I had to make a real conscious effort to do it — it’s hard. It’s much easier to lose yourself in flowers and cigarettes and coffee with somebody else."
  • On her Snow White costar Kristen Stewart: “She just turned 21. She’s a child. When I think about myself at 21, I had just done The Devil’s Advocate, and Keanu [Reeves] had paparazzi following him and Al Pacino said this thing to me: ‘If I knew that my life would be under this kind of scrutiny, I would have never become an actor.’ ” And I thought, Wow. I couldn’t comprehend it. . . . And Kristen is just living this to the max and still has a sense of humor about it. There’s this really lovely quality about her that just doesn’t give a f*ck. A lot of people say they don’t, but then they go home and cry and pop a Xanax. Kristen actually doesn’t give a f*ck. That’s what’s so refreshing about her. . . . I’m looking forward to killing her and taking her beauty. That’s what happens, right?"

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