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Charlize Theron Bundles Up on the Boston Set of Hatfields & McCoys

Charlize Theron wore tall black boots.

Charlize Theron went to work on the set of Hatfields & McCoys in Boston yesterday. The East Coast weather didn't hinder her style as she arrived on site with a scarf, sunglasses, and a pair of black boots. The layered look was a far cry from her ensemble last week, when Charlize hiked Runyon Canyon in a tank top with her son, Jackson Theron.

Charlize is stepping into the role of executive producer on NBC's new made-for-TV movie Hatfields & McCoys. The story of the infamous family feud was recently portrayed on the History Channel's Emmy-winning miniseries of the same name, with Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. This version will feature an entirely new cast, including Sophia Bush, who was on the Hatfields & McCoys set yesterday as well.