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You'll Crack Up at Chelsea Handler's Hilarious Celebrity Digs

Aug 28 2014 - 3:28pm

Chelsea Handler ended her hit talk show Chelsea Lately this week with a hugely star-studded finale [1] that brought out celebrity friends Sandra Bullock [2] and Jennifer Aniston [3]. We found out earlier this year that Chelsea will be headed to Netflix [4] for a new late-night show after her contract with E! expires at the end of 2014 — and we've already rounded up the things we'll miss most about Chelsea Lately [5] — but we can't help but wonder what's in store for her new gig. Chelsea revealed earlier this year that she's tired of talking to and about celebrities (namely Justin Bieber and the Kardashians [6]), which got us thinking about all the funniest, meanest, most candid things she's said about them and the tons of other stars she's gabbed about over the years. Here are our personal favorites:

Source: Getty / Jason Merritt [7]

When She Asked Kim Kardashian About Her Sex Life

Source: E! [8]

When She Called Out Jason Sudeikis For Being Emotional

Source: E! [9]

When She Propositioned Adam Levine

Source: E! [10]

When She Had No Butts About Interviewing Nicki Minaj

Source: E! [11]

When She Was Totally Over Reese Witherspoon's Slideshows

Source: E! [12]

When She Shared Her Thoughts on Kanye West

Source: E! [13]

When She Compared The Wanted's Nathan Sykes to Another Pop Star

Source: E! [14]

When She Planned a Night Out With Mariah Carey

Source: E! [15]

When She Asked Snoop Lion About His Parenting Skills

Source: E! [16]

When She Read One of Kim Kardashian's Tweets . . .

Source: E! [17]

. . . and Dropped the Dis of All Disses

Source: E! [18]

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