Chelsy Davy Pictures Leaving Boujis After Prince Harry Breakup

Chelsy Davy Leaves Boujis With Another Handsome Male Companion

Prince Harry's ex Chelsy Davy.

Chelsy Davy headed home after a late Thursday night at the London club Boujis with a guy pal. It seems Chelsy is moving on following her breakup from Prince Harry earlier this Summer. She headed off to Ibiza for a vacation with friends shortly afterward, then hit Wimbledon in late June with another male friend. Harry went on to have a short relationship with the lingerie model and socialite Florence Brudenell-Bruce, but they parted ways recently as well with him offering the excuse that he needs to focus on his military career. Harry's work with the army will take him from the UK in the coming months, as he's reportedly heading to the US in order to train with Apache helicopters. Florence and Chelsy have more in common than just dating Harry — both were students at the Stowe School in England's Buckinghamshire and were apparently even in the same class.