No Chocolates and Roses For Halle

Still looking for gift ideas for Valentine's Day? The holiday is just around the corner and we know many celebrity couples are no doubt breaking into those bank accounts to do something romantic and over the top. Not everyone is into lavish jewelry and expensive gifts, however. For Halle and Gabriel, V-day is all about being together. Here's more:

"I don't think it's about gifts," the model and restaurateur, 31, told PEOPLE Wednesday night. "It's more about presence. You have to be there. You can't really spend Valentine's Day apart. I can't be in New York if she's in L.A. It doesn't work. So I try to be there most of the time and that's more precious to me."

Aww. It sounds like Halle has finally landed herself a man who treats her well. That being said, I find it hard to believe Gabriel won't surprise her with a little gift or two. For more pics of Halle in Hollywood, just read more