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Chris Brown Suspended From Wrigley's Deal and More Details On Assault, Rihanna Says Love Hurts

Feb 9 2009 - 4:00pm

After yesterday's shocking news about Chris Brown's assault charge [1], today was filled with aftermath and additional information about Chris and Rihanna [2]. This morning it was reported that a deadly weapon was involved [3], though sources from the LAPD have clarified that there were no actual weapons [4]. That said, apparently Rihanna [5] was hysterical and badly beaten when the cops showed up at the scene of the crime, and was in too much pain to be touched. Supposedly Chris and Rihanna [6] were also involved in a spat the night before the incident occurred, where they were overheard yelling and swearing at each other after a pre-Grammy party [7].

Chris's endorsement deal with Wrigley's has been suspended for the time being [8] and apparently he's been hiding out in a hotel. Rihanna's team is rumored to be trying to bring the singer back to Barbados where she can relax far away from Chris. Chris has already withdrawn from his performance [9] at the NBA All-Star game. The details seem to keep getting sadder and more intense, including a chilling foreshadowing excerpt from an article in Cosmopolitan published last year where Rihanna wrote, "you know you're in love when it hurts." [10]

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