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Could Chris Pratt Be Any More Lovable?

Feb 25 2015 - 6:35am

What's not to love about a hot, talented goofball? Chris Pratt has been in the spotlight for more than a decade, but thanks to his sexy superhero looks in Guardians of the Galaxy [1] and some memorable moments throughout the past year — like that time he braided a girl's hair mid-interview [2] — his star is bigger than ever. This week marks the end of Parks and Recreation [3], so as fans prepare to say goodbye to their favorite character, Andy Dwyer [4], we're looking back on why Chris has always been so lovable. Whether you've adored him from the beginning or just started to take notice, see why Chris Pratt is so crush-worthy.

He first captured attention as Bright Abbott on Everwood.

He had this long, curly hair.

And some sexy red carpet appearances.

There was just something about him.

You were a little confused by his character on The OC, but whatever.

Meanwhile, you melted over how he looked at Anna Faris.

You recommitted to your crush when he became Andy on Parks and Rec.

He's just so in touch with his feelings.

And he's outdoorsy.

He understands the food triangle.

He's an expert photobomber.

And he loves a good joke.

You just know that he'd do anything for you.

Because inside, he's a little bit of a bad boy.

When Moneyball happened, he looked pret-ty hot in a uniform.

Plus in a suit.

And in 2013, he was looking great at Comic-Con.

As in, really great.

As a dad, he's almost too cute to handle.

Source: Twitter user prattprattpratt [5]


(Chris told us [6] he "never felt douchier" than when he posted this Instagram picture, but our hearts are too busy skipping a beat to judge.)

Source: Instagram user prattprattpratt [7]

Let's celebrate all that Guardians of the Galaxy hotness.

Because there are hours of THIS.

Repeat: THIS.

For the film, he made sexy press appearances.

And smoldered in a suit at the movie's premiere.

Anna couldn't keep her eyes off him and neither could we.

There was some squinty-eyed smoldering.

And some SERIOUS arm muscles.

Who knew someone could look so cute with a yo-yo?

He's sexy AND silly.

Then there was that whole Men's Fitness shoot.

Thank you for this [8], Men's Fitness.

Source: Peter Yang / Men's Fitness [9]

And his hilarious Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Seriously — could he be any more lovable?

No, no he couldn't. Case closed.

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