Christina Applegate got herself a fancy updo to head into Regis and Kelly to promote her new TV show Samantha Who. Considering she is often the best part of whatever project she works on, I have high hopes that she'll add some awesome female-lead funny into primetime TV. On the show Christina plays a girl who wakes up after a car crash not remembering anything, only to learn that she was a pretty nasty person beforehand. Christina talked to Access Hollywood about her show, and playing the good girl/bad girl role. She said:

Via the flashbacks on the show, you get to play both good and bad.
She was pretty awful but I love getting to play bad Sam, it is a lot of fun. It is a different hair, different voice, different walk, it’s a different behavior. It’s a lot of fun in the middle of the week to be able to switch gears and do something different.

You may have yourself a winner with this series.
It would be nice (knocks on wood). I really do like this show. I get to watch the cuts before they go off and I’m really proud of what everyone is doing. [Pilots are so hard]. You try to get all this information into 22 minutes, but the rest of them? Now we get these characters and you get to see them flourish and live. It’s quite good if I say so myself.

Hopefully the world will feel the same when they meet Miss Samantha tonight. Check out Buzz to see some previews of the show, tonight at 9:30 on ABC. I've got a (pathetically) full TV schedule these days, but I may have to make room for one more.