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Christina Has No Problem Being in her Underwear

Christina Ricci looks smoking hot (and sometimes smoking cigarettes) in this photo shoot for the British publication, Another Magazine. Never let it be said that the girl has trouble taking a fabulous photo. Even though we're not entirely sold on the premise of her new movie, it's cool to hear her open up to the mag about the experience making the quirky film and her feelings on the state of the independent film festival circuit. Here are highlights:

  • On Black Snake Moan:
    "I had to walk around in basically just my underwear all day long. And I would. I wouldn't even cover up in between scenes because I needed to feel comfortable like that. When someone's not comfortable, I think you can see it on camera. And also I needed the crew to be used to seeing me like that so that every time i looked at them I wouldn't see in their eyes: "Oh my god, she's got no shirt on!"
  • On Sundance:
    "It used to be a lot of fun, like ten years ago, and now, having seen coverage of it over the past couple of years, it looks kind of weird. Paris Hilton at Sundance? What's she doing there? It's not a nightclub! These people break the first rule, you just don't got to a festival as an actor if you haven't got a film there! I'll be there for one day and then I'm leaving immediately!"
  • Considering how much of a zoo Sundance looks like these days, we can't imagine Christina is the only one who feels that way! For more awesome pics just read more










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