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Christina Hendricks Wears a One-Piece Bathing Suit While on Vacation in Italy

Christina Hendricks Wears a One-Piece Bathing Suit While on Vacation in Italy

Christina Hendricks lounged in Italy yesterday in her one-piece bathing suit. The gorgeous star of Mad Men is abroad during a break from work back home in the States, though her young costar, Kiernan Shipka, told us production on their AMC series is expected to start again this Summer. For now, though, Christina is enjoying a getaway in Europe, and she had a copy of Jonathan Franzen's best-selling novel Freedom to keep her company while her husband Geoffrey Arend was elsewhere. Christina has been busy during the hiatus with magazine photo shoots and modeling with Vivienne Westwood. In a recent interview, she even spoke about how her curves are all real. Later she touched on her love for Geoffrey, his sweet proposal, and their plans for a family. Christina Hendricks told the Daily Mail:

  • On how Geoffrey proposed: "I moved to New York as a teenager when I started to model, and there was a restaurant called Il Buco, which was filled with Gothic-looking chandeliers that had weird apples and flames coming out of them. I’d been trying for years to get the owner, Donna, to sell one particular chandelier to me, but she wouldn’t. Geoffrey and I went there one New Year’s Eve and I happened to point it out to him. Then months later, I came home and every inch of our dining room was filled with flowers. Geoffrey was on one knee, so one part of my brain was registering that he was proposing, but then I looked up and saw the chandelier, so the other part of my brain was going: 'How the hell is that chandelier in our house?' He’d commissioned the artist to make Donna a replacement, so she finally relented and sold it to him. I was just crying so much when he proposed. I mean what can you say about a man like that? He’s just so old-fashioned and kind and dreamy."
  • On how she's the lucky one in their marriage: "I [did] a production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company in New York, and even though my husband got offered a very nice job at the same time, he turned it down, saying, 'I’m not missing your Broadway debut.' I mean, he’s just the best husband ever."
  • On having a family: "I probably need to think about that soon because I’m getting older, but I’m not letting that determine any decisions. I’m on this wonderful show with all these opportunities so it seems crazy to jump out of it. I want to really experience the career for a while, and then I’ll see what happens."
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