Christina Aguilera proudly showed off her sexy signature pout in the September issue of InStyle. She didn't comment about her rumored pregnancy of course, but keeps the interview to her favorite topics: music, girl power and her husband Jordan. Here are highlights:

  • Her advice to fellow pop stars: "Make sure it's your passion, because it's a business. Unless you're strong, it will eat you alive."
  • On her husband: "When I first met Jordan, one of the things I loved was that on my worst days, he'd walk into a room and make me smile. He's one of those people who's soothing."

We're still amazed that we are living in a world where we are loving Christina and barely able to watch Britney since a few years ago it was totally the other way around. We love that Christina is so grounded these days. She and Jordan seem to have great chemistry and a very close relationship, so hopefully they'll confirm the pregnancy soon and tell us how excited they are to become parents.

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