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Cisco Is the Last To Know That Mischa Dumped Him

Yesterday, Cisco's rep denied that he and Mischa had broken up saying, "They are fine - very happy together." Today, however, Mischa's rep has confirmed otherwise, "Mischa and Cisco have decided to part ways... Mischa is moving east soon and they both have very demanding schedules." We're still betting this has something to do with that nasty photo of Cisco circling the Internet thanks to Paris Exposed. Before Cisco found out he had been dumped though (who knows, perhaps this is still news to him), he seemed to be pretty nonchalant about the scandal known as "Ballgate." Here's highlights:

  • How it happened:
    “Paris’ shit got stolen, and somehow she had a picture of me naked in there,” he said with a sly snigger. “That’s Paris Hilton to you!”
  • Mischa's reaction:
    “Mischa wasn’t too excited, to say the least,” said Mr. Adler, who has a “rock ’n’ roll reality show” premiering July 5. “I think it was actually worse for her than for me in some ways. So yeah, I’m gonna try to keep my pants on from now on.”
  • His feelings about the whole thing:
    I think it’s pretty rock ’n’ roll. You know, if it was like yesterday I would’ve freaked out, but then I looked at the picture and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s from like 2001. Whatever....I’m a naked dude! I don’t give a f#@%.”

He probably cares a little bit about it now, don't you think? After our poll yesterday we know that this is not disappointing news. It seems the vast majority of you were clearly not a fan of this couple to begin with. Hopefully Mischa will move on to someone who's a little less rock and roll (read: appears to shower) and a little more OC.





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