Clive Owen Screens The Boys Are Back in London 2010-01-19 15:30:32

Clive Owen Brings His Hotness Back Out in London

Clive Owen suited up in London last night for a special screening of The Boys Are Back with his costar Natasha Little and their director Simon Carr. The film hit theaters here in America last November, but it's about to debut on the big screen in England this Friday. In the run-up to its release, Clive has been doing another round of press discussing what it's like playing a father while being one in real life. He recently opened up again about how his two daughters, Hannah and Eve, are unimpressed with his star status. Clive said, "If anything they're very disdainful. Hannah's favourite phrase at the moment is 'If only they could see what you're really like.' . . . They think I'm a joke. A friend of my 12-year-old showed her some magazine and went, 'Your Dad's on this list, and that's weird.' And I agreed with her." Hannah and Eve seem to keep their dad's feet on the ground, which is no easy feat since he's one of Britain's biggest stars of the decade.

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Source: WireImage, Getty