Clooney Continues To Brighten Up A Slow Week

George Clooney and Ocean's Thirteen Producer Jerry Weintraub were representing the men at the Tokyo premiere tonight (since they are in the future and all). Yesterday at the press conference George talked about loving this franchise because he works with his buddies and he gets to play the boss. He also said, The fun part of "Ocean's Thirteen" is "watching Matt Damon trying to woo a woman," while the most enjoyable part of the movie was "the love scene between Brad and I from 'Brokeback Mountain' ... that was cut out, though."

George may be the original Manjoyjoyment, but we feel pretty confident that Matt has a way with the ladies, too. Too bad George was joking about that love scene with Brad. We'd love to see something like that in the special features on the DVD.

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