Clooney Hopes New George Clooney Movie Is Good

Clooney and Sarah enjoyed a little romantic Italian dinner out in NYC last night. It's good to see that Sarah was giving her good foot a rest, out of stilettos and in comfy sneakers (with George carrying the spare right behind her). Awww, who said chivalry is dead? Sweet (hot) George recently talked to the LA Times about Michael Clayton, where he is in his career and what it's like actually having a responsibility for the movies he makes. Here's more:

  • On his Aunt Rosemary Clooney: "She said she was a better singer when she got older. And I said, 'Why are you a better singer now? You can't hold the notes like you used to. And you can't hit the notes like you used to.' And she said, 'I don't have to prove I can sing anymore.'...And there is that as an actor too. Where you say, 'I don't have to prove I can act anymore.' Or at least I don't feel the need to prove it. Which is incredibly liberating."
  • On being more accountable for his work now: "What you learn after a while is that if you're the person who can greenlight a film, you can no longer read a film as an actor for a part. Because you're going to be responsible for the movie being made. They don't anymore say, 'He was good or bad in the part, but the movie sucks.' They'll go, 'That George Clooney movie. . .' So now I become held responsible for the movies that get made. I always make jokes about 'Batman & Robin,' but this is true: If I'm going to get held responsible for the movies that get made, then I'm going to focus on better scripts."

So, even though he's feeling like he has to prove less to the world he still wants to create the best movies possible. Plus, he's got a new girl who puts a smile on his face - sounds like life is good for Clooney.