We've been seeing a lot of George and his new girlfriend Sarah Larson these days and it definitely makes us cringe to think of Clooney as off the market for good. Yet there's also a part of us that would love to see him settled down and have some beautiful babies. We're not the only ones who have been making predictions about George's love life — he's betting with Hollywood's leading ladies about not getting married again. He has one with Michelle Pfeiffer where she said, "I bet him he would get married and he keeps inflating the bet from 100 dollars to 100,000 dollars. I still think he will, he's a handsome devil." He also has an ongoing bet with Nicole Kidman. So now the question is, can Sarah deal with being with a man that refuses to get married or will she convince him otherwise?

In other Clooney news, remember last week when we saw that George was still working on Leatherheads? Turns out that the movie's release date has actually been postponed until April 4th. Huge bummer for all of us who can't wait to see romantic comedy Clooney again.

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Images include George Clooney, John Malkovich, Richard Jenkins, Kevin Sussman.