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Clooney Talks Some Smack and Plays on the Internet

Mar 10 2008 - 12:19am

George Clooney got a little goofy for his Esquire [1] photoshoot and interview. Beyond making funny faces with cutout eyes (remind anyone else of Claire's art on Six Feet Under [2]?) he and the reporter had some fun with Google. In fact, not only does Clooney look at his fan sites, but he looks himself up on youtube, facebook groups, the whole nine yards. Also, he admits that he shaves his widow's peak. Just saying. Um, they even watch 2 girls 1 cup together — though Clooney doesn't last more than a few seconds. Here are highlights of what Clooney found: [3]


Always the jokester, but that's what we love about Clooney, right? We have high hopes for Leatherheads [4], but at least if it ends up being a bust he'll have a laugh about it and move on. Can you blame him, though? He's Clooney. He always wins.

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