George Clooney may have gotten a little banged up in a motorcycle accident less than 2 months ago, but he bravely got back on his bike in LA yesterday. Can't say we blame his girlfriend for wanting to sit this one out. Even though these aren't the hottest pics of him, we're always happy to get a glimpse of sexy George. This week he had to officially surrender his crown as People's Sexiest Man Alive to his buddy Matt Damon. When asked how he felt about it, George was full of his usual jokes. Here are highlights:

  • On when he first realized Matt's sexiness:
    "The very first time I noticed was when he was in a green Speedo in The Talented Mr. Ripley. I remember thinking to myself, 'Not since Halle Berry coming out of the water in the Bond film has there been such sexiness. This guy's definitely got what it takes to take home the sash.' But there's a lot that goes into it. He'd come to my house and say, 'Listen, does this move make me sexy?' Brad and I worked with him a lot on his walk and his posture."
  • On the benefits of the title:
    "There's a lot of responsibility with this. I believe in the event that he can't serve, the former Sexiest Man can take over, so if he slips up, I'm ready to take back the crown."
  • On how he congratulated Matt:
    "I told him this is the next step for him, because after awhile movies get old. How much money and how many accolades do you need? What you really want is this sash and this tiara, and he's got it now and he can retire."

Gotta love that George is able to make fun of himself and his friends on all occasions. We bet that he and Brad will have a lot of fun teasing Matt for at least the next year or so.

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