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Clooney Words Lost In Bad Translation

Nothings better than kicking off a Monday with new Clooney pics! George is still hard at work on the set of Leatherheads, which he is both directing and starring in himself. We're sure he's got his hands full with all those responsibilities, but at least there's one big hurdle that he doesn't have to worry about this time. Turns out, while filming The Good German there was a little bit of on-set trouble with the, uh, German part. Here's more:

“It was brutal,” Clooney told Australia’s Herald Sun. “We had a dialect coach on the set who apparently didn’t speak any German. We didn’t know. He would say, ‘That was good.’” But when the film was shown to German speakers, they couldn’t understand a word of what Clooney said. Director Mike Nichols, who was born in Germany and speaks the language, was called onto the set to help out. “So, for dubbing, Mike was my dialect coach,” Clooney explained. “He would say, ‘Okay, say this.’ Every word of it was from Mike Nichols.”

We're sure George was good-natured as always about the whole mix up. Just another reason to love him -- after that sexy smile of course!



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