Conan O'Brien Writes About Patrick Dempsey in his Strike Diary for Entertainment Weekly

Conan Misses McDreamy Just As Much As We Do

Patrick Dempsey looked perfectly put together yesterday after a trip to the gym in LA but it's not as much fun as seeing him in his scrubs. Turns out that we're not the only ones missing our weekly doses of Dempsey. Conan O'Brien wrote in his strike journal that, with all of his free time these days he tried to read a book but got sidetracked because he was, "wondering if Meredith and McDreamy will ever work things out. They're so right for each other and yet so wrong." We couldn't agree more with Conan on that one and considering he's been chugging along without writers on his own show for weeks, at least he's there to help us fill the gap before Grey's returns.