Courteney and Coco had a little mommy-daughter time the other day in West Hollywood. Her other full time project, Dirt, may not be doing so well in the the ratings but hopefully Jennifer Aniston's guest spot on the season finale, March 27th will help pull it out of the mud, so to speak. Courteney is taking the show in stride, however, and not itching to take on new film roles either. In this month's LA Confidential Magazine she talks about what's really important in her life and what her career plans are for the future. Here's more:

Now that I’ve had Coco, I don’t really think in those terms anymore. I just want to do things that make me excited, that I have fun doing. When I was on Friends I used to think, Oh, I really want to do a film every summer. It was so important to get film roles. Now, if I got something fantastic I’d be thrilled, but really I just want to do a great job on this show. My life is so full as it is—if I were just to do Dirt and spend time with Coco in the summer, that would be fine, too. But if there’s a great project, I’ll just bring her with me.

Who wouldn't want to work hard on a cool show and then spend the rest of their summer hanging out with their kid? Sounds pretty cool to me.