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Victoria Beckham Unearths Spice Girls Pizza, and There's More Where That Came From

Mar 12 2014 - 3:00pm

Today, we went into full '90s nostalgia mode when Victoria Beckham [1] tweeted photos of Spice Girls-themed pizza. "My mum just found this vintage pizza in the freezer!" she captioned a photo of the box [2] — which boasts that it has a different flavor for each letter of "SPICE" — and then shared one of the uncooked products. "It looks even better out of the packaging!" she wrote alongside a surprisingly non-freezer-burnt pizza [3]. After calming down from the Posh Spice excitement, we quickly discovered that this was far from the first or last Spice Girls-themed food item that hit the market. In addition to frozen pizza, the girls spiced up the likes of potato chips, Cadbury Creme Eggs, and soda. Keep reading to see eight items in all their glory — some of which are still for sale, but eat at your own risk.

Source: John Stanton/Getty [4]

Victoria Beckham Recently Shared This Multiflavored Pizza

Source: Twitter user victoriabeckham [5]

You Could Spice Up Easter With Cadbury Creme Eggs

Source: eBay [6]

And There Were Full-Size Candy Bars, Too

Source: MySpiceGirlsCollection.com [7]

Care to Snack on Some Spice Girls Crisps?

Source: EIL.com [8]

Everyone But Posh Licked a Lollipop on These Branded Treat Bags

Source: EIL.com [9]

This Can of Spice Girls Pepsi Came With a Free CD — What a Deal!

Source: eBay [10]

The Scary Spice Can Was the Best One

Source: MySpiceGirlsCollection.com [11]

Oh, and You Could Drink Your Pepsi in Themed Cups

Source: MySpiceGirlsCollection.com [12]

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