Criss Angel Backpeddles Away From His Girl Trouble

Cameron was looking super hot in Paris the other day where she's still busy promoting Shrek the Third. Criss Angel meanwhile is busy with a project of his own, undoing the pronouncement of love he publicly made to her the other day. All of a sudden he's totally changing his tune. On Tuesday he told People, "I just said that because everyone was hounding me about it and at the end of the day I got it out there, so my professional life is there, my personal life is here. She's an amazing person and I wish her the best with her Shrek tour right now, and I'm not going to discuss Cameron anymore." This morning, however, he couldn't avoid the subject with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show. Here's more:

  • First excuse: "Look, I'm Greek," he said. "Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I tell everyone I love them. I tell my manager I love him. They took it out of context. Don't you love your friends? Cameron is a friend of mine, and I said hey, I love ya."
  • Second excuse: "Listen, Cameron Diaz, one of the hottest, most beautiful Hollywood actresses," he told Seacrest. "Look at me. Do you think Cameron would have any interest in me as more than a friend? No way. We're just friends."
  • Third, Fourth & Fifth excuses:
    Seacrest: Are you dating?
    Angel: No, I'm not dating. She's doing Shrek right now in Europe.
    Seacrest: Well you should date her.
    Angel: You know what, if she is ever into freaky guys that do weird things then, uh ...
    Seacrest: You have low self esteem. You just signed a multi-bagillion- dollar deal and you look like a rock star. You need better self esteem.
    Angel: I know. I have to go see Dr. Phil or something. It's crazy to me how the press takes one thing and blows it out of proportion. Crazy.

He sure is spending a lot of time trying to take back what he said this week. Wonder if Cameron had anything to do with his sudden change of heart!