Dakota Fanning's Nude Scene Doesn't Exist

Dakota Fanning's Nude Scene Doesn't Exist

One of the most controversial films at Sundance this year, Dakota Fanning's Hounddog, turned out to be...not all that controversial. The film contains a scene in which Fanning's character is raped by a slightly older boy, but the final cut is not nearly as explicit as initial reports were saying. Ahhh, leave it to the old rumor mill to make things out to be more than they actually are. At Sundance, Dakota talked openly for the first time about her experience making the film and the pre-screening backlash. Here's more:

Some who bashed the film's concept "were attacking my family and me, and that's where it got too far," says Fanning, 12, jabbing her finger into a table at a restaurant. "Pretty much everybody who talked about it attacked my mother, which I did not appreciate. That was extremely uncalled for and hurtful."

The scene in question is ultimately less than a minute long and includes only quick shots of her face, hands and foot. At no point was Dakota naked during the filming. For more of Dakota and her costars' take on the experience just read more

[Co-Star of the film, Robin] Wright Penn said: "It's uncomfortable to see a real 12-year-old portray that truth, but everybody needs to allow it. I'm not saying accept it, but stop trying to censor it."

Fanning said that even if she hadn't been in the movie, she would want to see it. And [the film's director Deborah] Kampmeier said two mothers approached her after the screening to say they planned to bring their 13-year-old daughters when it is shown in wider release. So far, the film has not been purchased for distribution.

"I know my mom would take me to see it," said Fanning, who turns 13 in February. "You have to prepare your children for things that happen in the world. Everything isn't rosy."

Geez, talk about a well-spoken 13-year-old. Who knows if this film will be picked up, or turn out to be the Oscar vehicle for Dakota that early reports suggested, but at least now the world can rest assured that a naked Dakota Fanning will not be coming soon to a theater near you.