Dambusters Squadron Returns Home to Scotland | Pictures

This Military Squadron's Sweet Homecoming Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

Seven-year-old Jessica hugged her dad, Flight Lt. Andy Power, when they were reunited.

On Tuesday, the Dambusters squadron returned home to Scotland, where friends and family stood waiting with signs and balloons for their loved ones. First created in WWII, 617 Squadron is one of the most well known in the Royal Air Force, and the squadron left for Afghanistan this past October. The reunion marked a particularly special moment, because the squadron is disbanding until 2016, when it's set to re-form and station itself in Norfolk. When the members arrived in Lossiemouth, Scotland, some were greeted by their kids, including 7-year-old Jessica, who teared up when she hugged her dad, Flight Lt. Andy Power. Take a look at all the heartwarming pictures of the squadron's homecoming.