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Why Daniel Radcliffe Is Just So Awesome

Jul 23 2015 - 4:35pm

We all know and love Daniel Radcliffe [1] for his star-making role as Harry Potter, but there is a lot more to the British actor than waving wands and practicing magic. Daniel turns 26 on Thursday, and he's not only full of talent — he can act, sing, and dance, all of which he's done on Broadway several times — but he's also just one seriously cool dude. Keep reading for fun reasons to celebrate the man behind the magic.

He Went From Adorable Little Boy . . .

To a Handsome Young Man

He's Secure Enough to Date a Taller Woman

He Is Really, Really Good at Rapping

He's Got a Kinda Rockin' Bod Under Those Clothes

He Has the Perfect Response to Questions About Gay Sex Scenes

He Isn't Afraid to Try Out a Weave

He Knows How to Use His Wand

He Knows How to Laugh at Himself

He's a Master of Disguise

Source: MTV [2]

He Has the Perfect Feminist Comeback to Being Called a Sex Symbol

He Let This Happen

He's a Broadway Star — He Can Sing and Dance!

He Has a Genuine Response to Hordes of Screaming Fans

Look, He's Just Plain Adorable, OK?

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