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Isn't It Time We Appreciate Dave Franco For the Sexy Beast He Is?

Aug 25 2015 - 10:40am

Dave Franco recently got engaged to Alison Brie [1], which is a really great excuse to remind everyone how sexy he is. The younger Franco brother has had a slow, steady introduction to the business, with bit parts in movies like Superbad and TV shows like Greek. Soon enough, he was a regular on ABC's reincarnation of Scrubs, then aced supporting roles in 21 Jump Street, Warm Bodies, Now You See Me, and Neighbors [2]. Let's all take a minute to appreciate Dave Franco, in all his GIF-worthy glory.

Let's Just Get This Out of the Way

Source: TBS [3]

But Dave's More Than a Pretty Face; He Can Defend Himself With Magic!

He Also Has a Keen Ability to Make Friends

He's Not Afraid to Say What's on His Mind

Just Look How Much Fun He's Having!

Source: Funny or Die [4]

He's Got His Priorities Straight

And He Knows What Happens in Prison

Seriously, Though, He's Pretty Self-Aware

Source: GQ [5]

And He's Sexy Even When He's Falling Off a Bed

Honestly, Does It Even Matter What's Going On Here?

Oh My God, He's Snuggling With a Cat

Source: Funny or Die [6]

Look at This Adorably Flirty Move

Source: Flaunt [7]

Oh, Come On With That Face

Source: Flaunt [8]


Even in Black and White, He's Sexy

Better in Color?

Who Even Cares?

Source: Funny or Die [9]

You Can't Even With This Right Now

Source: Funny or Die [10]

James Who?

Source: Dave Franco World [11]

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