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David Beckham Makes a Charming Prince

Photographer to the stars Annie Leibovitz has been recruited to photograph some huge celebs for Disney World's Year of a Million Dreams campaign. So far she's turned Scarlett Johansson into Cinderella (with the help of a Harry Winston $325,000 tiara), Beyonce into Alice in Wonderland, and David Beckham into a prince (wait, he wasn't one already?). Guess which one is our favorite so far? Here's more:

Leibovitz, who will soon dress another set of celebrities as Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Little Mermaid Ariel, approached British soccer superstar (and new American import) David Beckham, with the concept of playing Sleeping Beauty's Prince. She asked the 31-year-old whether "prince" was an image he would feel comfortable portraying. Not surprisingly, Beckham was game, and the image was photographed near a lake outside Madrid, where he had been playing soccer for the team Real Madrid. The castle superimposed in the background is from Disneyland Paris.

"I'm the prince, and I'm sort of slaying a dragon, which is something I've never done before, obviously," Beckham says in the Disney press materials. "When I was called about it and asked to do it, I was very honored and really looking forward to it, especially with Annie doing the pictures."

Annie sure works wonders with that camera of hers. To check out the amazing photographs of Scarlett, Beyonce, Lyle Lovett and Oliver Platt just read more

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