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David Beckham Keeps His Shirt on to Promote His Skivvies in Paris

David Beckham greeted fans at an H&M store in Paris.

David Beckham headed back to work in Paris today when he stopped by an H&M store to promote his line of underwear. He is falling back into the swing of his off-the-field work schedule after he announced last week that he would be retiring from soccer at the end of his season with Paris Saint-Germain. The team will play their final game against Lorient on Sunday, but it isn't clear if David will take part in the match as he has been staying off the field for most games with PSG. Last Sunday, David was joined by his wife, Victoria Beckham, and their children during his final home game with PSG, where he was given a hero's farewell by his teammates and the spectators.

Regardless of David's current soccer schedule, it's good to see that he is still committed to keeping up with his skivvies-related business — don't forget to check out all of David Beckham's best underwear ads!