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David's Difficult Time with Madrid Leads to LA Life

David's Difficult Time with Madrid Leads to LA Life

While Posh is busy flying all over the place and filming her reality show, David is still in Spain with Real Madrid preparing for his last game on Sunday. At a press conference in Madrid today he talked more about his decision to sign with LA Galaxy and reveals this has been the most difficult time of his life! Here's more:

  • "I first realized I would be leaving Real Madrid six months ago in January when I was told my contract wouldn't be renewed. That was the time when I knew I had to decide my future. Leaving a club like Real Madrid is very difficult but I think my future is bright and it's something I'm really looking forward to now."
  • "I'm sad to be leaving, I didn't expect to be leaving, but everyone knows what has happened in the last six months. It was the most difficult time of my career, not being involved in training and matches and certain things being said that weren't true."

We're sorry things didn't work out with David and Real Madrid but selfishly we're happy they didn't or he might not have ended up coming to America.







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