As Britney works on her recovery in rehab, Kevin's stock has never been higher. As sad as it may be, and much to his publicists joy I assume, Kevin is getting more positive press than he ever could have imagined. Especially when just a few short months ago he was a pretty universally accepted joke. The most recent reports of his weekend in Vegas (he brought the kids! Awww!) read like a glowing character review. Still a little weird. Here's more:

  • Exhibit A: "Kevin was really low-key," one source says. "You could definitely tell he was on his best behavior. He was having a good time, but wasn't the wild, crazy Kevin who used to come to Vegas."
  • Exhibit B:He had dinner with friends and family at the hotel's Japonais restaurant, says a source, who adds: "He was late for dinner because he wanted to tuck his kids into bed."
  • Exhibit C:"He wakes up with a purpose each morning and has enjoyed his family being around him," says the source.

Kevin may, in fact, be this awesome father and family man that the newer reports make him out to be, it's just also interesting to watch how the media (ourselves included) sees him completely differently these days. Funny thing, that.

In other Britney news, some of you have asked why we never covered that ludicrous Suicide/Antichrist nonsense story, well, it's because we assume (and really hope) it's exactly that: ludicrous nonsense.