Ryan is in Europe to film a new movie, but before getting to work he had time to stop by the Edinburgh Film Festival and then Berlin where he almost reenacted his hotness from my favorite candid photo ever of 2005 - a must see image here that was practically an ad for the iPod. While being out of the states means less time with adorable little Ava & Deacon, he recently opened up to UK's The Guardian about his kids and what it's like to share custody in Hollywood. Here's more:

  • 'When I was young I didn't have much to be upset about. But I could cry right now, sitting here, just because of what I've been through.' He worries most about his kids, Ava (seven) and Deacon (three). 'Reese and I live near one another and have joint custody: I can't imagine not having the level of influence and protection to which I've become accustomed.'
  • 'Reese and I got together on her 21st birthday; I was just 22. At that time you have no concept of the ramifications of bringing two kids into this crazy lifestyle. It takes extra work to counterbalance all the weirdness.' He fiddles with his bracelets, then smiles. 'Having kids is the best, man. They take me away from problems. They don't care that I'm some movie star.'

As usual, Ryan wins us over the most when he gushes about his beautiful kids. In the article he also explains that he's growing the beard out for his role, which certainly helps our confusion over hiding his hotness.