Ashton and Demi were all decked in white in Tel Aviv yesterday, where they are celebrating Rosh Hashanah. It looks like they left the girls at home with Bruce for a romantic religious vacation before Ashton has to get back to shooting What Happens in Vegas. Besides opening up about aging in Hollywood, Demi also told Red Magazine how they keep their family together and that she wants kids with Ashton. Here's more:

  • On her ex and father of her children, Bruce Willis:
    "Bruce is a wonderful father. He's present and he's involved. It is in a very different form than the traditional, but I feel that my children have a father who is present, so they don't need someone to replace him. We spend our holidays together and, if Bruce wants to stop by and have dinner, he can just call and come by. I don't think it is unique; I think it is something we can all do, when we place our children as the priority."

  • On wanting more children with now-husband Ashton Kutcher:
    "Once you hit three [children] and you're outnumbered, it's really like, 'What's the difference between three or four or five?'"

Demi has been talking about expanding the family for a long time so we'd love to see her and Ashton with a few beautiful babies of their own. Besides, babies would keep Demi real busy since she is upset that Hollywood isn't knocking down her door anymore.

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