This weekend, race car driving McDreamy played his best role yet - a doting daddy. Patrick Dempsey watched as his daughter Tallulah went horseback riding in Brentwood. Looks like she could teach another celebrity baby a thing or two about riding as opposed to just observing. Tallulah turns 6 this week and who knows, maybe she'll get her very own pony as a present. Patrick spoke to ET recently about finally being able to focus on his family during the writers' strike. He said,

"We had some date nights; it was nice. I spent time with the kids and really needed that; I really needed some time to stay at home and not be on the road so much working long hours. It was fun to get some racing in as well. It's been good for me, and I'm glad we're going back to work."

Patrick also spoke about being excited to get back to Grey's because like us, he doesn't know what's going to happen with his relationship with Meredith. To see more pics and more of the interview with Patrick read more