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Dempsey Describes the Best Life

Not surprisingly, Patrick Dempsey looks dapper and sexy in color as well as black & white on the pages of the December issue of Best Life. His new movies Enchanted and Made of Honor are lighthearted, but in the article Patrick gets serious about his hobbies and his career. Here are highlights:

  • On Grey's Anatomy: "The show is like running a marathon. It feels like it never stops. The obligations you have for the show—it's relentless. The amount of exposure and the visibility…it was a big change for me. Coming to terms with it has been the real challenge."
  • On putting family first: "At the end of the day, family—and all of its joys and heartaches—is the grounding force. It's why you do everything. It's why you go to work, and why you put up with what you have to put up with, why you do what you have to do. Because you want a better life for them."
  • On success: "Do you sacrifice now so you can have a lot of time later? So you can have the financial stability to go, 'You know what? I'm at home now. I'm going to take you to football practice, to ballet, and to horse riding. I'll be there and I'll watch you.' I guess that's the dream that everyone wants. I guess success is how much free time you have."

We love that Patrick's such a family man. Sounds like he just wants to settle down and relax like McDreamy in his trailer on Grey's and his character in Made of Honor which looks surprisingly cute. Check out the trailer here. As for last night's Grey's - WOW - could it be any more intense? What happened to fun-filled festive Thanksgiving themed episodes?




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