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Diddy Grows As A Raisin in the Sun

Feb 20 2008 - 1:30pm

Diddy looked quite debonair at the NYC premiere of A Raisin in the Sun [1] last night. He brought the movie to Sundance [2] last month with the whole cast [3], and we'll all get to see it when it premieres this Monday on ABC — check out a first look at it here [4]. The music and fashion mogul first played the part on Broadway, which was was tough on the Diddy. He said, [5] "We were all so in it, it was painful. I have ulcers. If I'm doing something right, they'll flare up, and they flared up." But making the movie was easier, "Going up to Toronto was good, walking away from all my businesses, cutting off the Blackberry, not being able to be found. … It was the best thing for me to do ... I wanna shock the world. People can say whatever they want about me as an actor, but I want them to see the growth." Here's to taking Diddy seriously, despite the fact he recently coined the term "bitchassness" on Making the Band 4. Just saying.


Lots more pics including Zac Posen, LL Cool J and more so

Images include: Diddy, LL Cool J, Zac Posen, Audra McDonald, Lauren London, Cassie, Keisha Whitaker

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