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Does the Soul/Spirit Really Exist?

During my research of debating the existence of a human soul/spirit, I came across this blog.  What do you think of this theory?


Science deals with what can be observed, directly or indirectly. So in one sense, you could say that science is simply not providing any answers to the question about the existence of a soul or spirit component of a human being.


That, of course, keeps science polite to religious ideas.


What science knows about the human body and the evolution of humanity does have some consequences for a soul-belief, however. This question is more philosophical than really science, but the two are not separated, and they shouldn't be.


First, the idea of a human spirit -- a ghost in the machine -- was developed when primitive people had an animistic view of life. Life was, they thought, a magic component that kept living beings alive. It was considered as real a thing as any other. Various religious people had different beliefs about how you could observe this spirit, and how it behaved.


Religions also needed a belief in a spirit/soul to postulate life after death. The soul-belief has remained a common (but by no means universal) part of human religions all over the world. At this time people had no idea how the human body worked. They knew about various organs -- like the heart or kidneys -- but really didn't have a clue what they were for. As we can see in the Bible, they often postulated various mental/psychological/moral functions for these organs.


Fast forward: We know how the body operates: we are essentially a machine. We also know that human thought is developed through electro-chemical processes in our brain, not very unlike a computer. We know basically how it works on a micro-level; the mystery that remains is to really understand how all these small thought processes build up a single self-aware consciousness. But we know that who "we" are -- our thoughts, feelings, memory -- are directly related to physical and chemical components in our brain. Sometimes disease or an accident damages small parts of the brain. People then have parts of their memory disappear, or being altered, or they lose motoric control over different parts of their body. We know how different chemical stimuli can create visions and change how the brain perceives reality. Many well-known and often-used substances can seriously change even a person's emotions.


What room, here, for a non-body component called a "soul" or "spirit"? If our personality was in a mystical spirit, why does it change corresponding to a body change? When a part of the brain is damaged, how come the personality supposedly in this spirit changes too? When we die, parts of our brain usually collapses and takes its thought patterns with it. Eventually, so much of the brain is gone that we are proclaimed dead, and the rest of the body is buried or burned; considered useless. Since a small brain damage does small damage to the personality in the supposed "soul", how can anyone believe the same "soul" suddenly is alive and well, with all memory, feelings and personality traits intact, when the brain is totally destroyed? What transfers this memory or whatever from the brain stem to this mystical soul?


In fact, the idea of a soul or spirit is ludicruous. To say that science has not disproved the idea for all intents and purposes is fooling oneself. In all other ways of life, the logical absurdities of postulating a "spirit being" would lead all sane people to reject it. We would assume that the idea was rejected. But out of respect (mistaken IMO) for religious emotions people still pretend that science has not disproved the idea of a spirit. For all intents and purposes, it has.


Let me illustrate with an example: say I postulated an idea that cars really had a car-spirit. The reason a car stopped when the gas run out was not, I claimed, the gas per se, but that the car-spirit had been depleted. When the car ran, it was driven by the car-spirit force, not by any combustion engine, even though I acknowledged the existence of such an engine. Would anyone seriously think this even made sense? That I had explained anything? That this actually merited any serious considerations, given that nobody had ever disproved the "car-spirit"? Of course not.


The existence of the human spirit has exactly as much merit as the car-spirit.


Our current understanding of how the physical brain creates our mind should in my opinion be sufficient to reject the idea that our personality can exist in a non-physical form.

It is true, and will probably always be true, that science does not understand everything about how our brain/mind works. It is, for example, a total mystery how the basic functionality of the brain hardware creates a conscious mind. In fact, it is pretty much a mystery what a conscious mind is.

Thus, in the same way that theists can push an increasingly elusive God into the gaps that still exist in our understanding of the physical universe, supernaturalists can try to make a soul or spirit fit into the gaps in our current knowledge about the brain. I argued previously that since an appeal to the supernatural is unnecessary for understanding the mind, it does not really explain anything, and since we reject these kind of pseudo-explanations in other situations in life, we should also reject it here.


The belief in a soul (or spirit) is closely tied to belief in human immortality. We have always observed that the human body is destroyed by natural processes after death. For our conscious self to survive physical death, we would need to have some component that is not material, and that survives death, bringing our personality, thoughts and memories into some trancendental existence. The ancient Egyptians used embalment to try to preserve the body for the afterlife. Most contemporary religions who espouse an afterlife doctrine argues that since we have a soul (or spirit), we don't need our bodies. We can still somehow live on.


As much as I personally would like to believe in an afterlife, I find that it contradicts everything we currently know about the world. Thus, I cannot believe it.


Now, I must hasten to add that there are many different definitions of both "soul" and "spirit", and this can easily confuse any debate to the point of becoming meaningless. Both 'soul' and 'spirit' is often used as a reference to artistic expression, a person's deepest conviction, or the depth of a person's character, and many other meanings. I am not presently discussing such things. I do refer to 'soul' (which I for this purpose consider synonymous with spirit) only in the meaning 'a non-physical entity that can carry our conscious selves after the body is destroyed.' If we have such a soul, this means that 'we' can survive death, and we will preserve at least some of our memories and personal qualities from this life. This being will  have a sense of being a continuation of a past corporal life, of being 'us' in a real sense.


There are two dillemmas, or problems, I would like to point out to those who believe in such a soul.


Firstly, some supernaturalists point to known holes in our scientific knowledge of the world. Or they point to ill-understood, or perhaps more correctly, counter-intuitive scientific theories like quantum mechanics. I see this as an appeal to inaccurate knowledge. How can we reasonably conclude that lack of knowledge about certain details necessarily, or even probably, point us in the direction of the ancient beliefs of cultures that often didn't even know that the Earth was round? If a new discovery should actually point us in another direction, surprisingly giving us some support for the idea that we do have a soul, fine, then we should go along with that. But future developments are just as likely to point in the opposite direction (or more so). To hold on to a belief that conflicts with all present knowledge, expecting that evidence will mysteriously appear to support it in the future, is obviously irrational.


Furthermore, I will point out that the progress of scientific discovery has been consistently leading us away from supernaturalism and towards wholly naturalistic explanations. As science has been able to shed more and more light on the workings of the universe, previous supernatural explanations have been found superfluous at best, flawed at worst, and were rejected. The understanding of electricity has explained to us how lightning works. If there still existed people who believed in ancient Greek mythology, they would perhaps still postulate that somehow lightning bolts were really, somehow, on a metaphysical plane, the works of an angry Zevs, but I doubt anybody else would consider this a serious explanation.


The argument above is inductive, and somebody could still argue that sometime, in the future, scientists will discover facts that finally supports their particular supernatural beliefs, but in doing so, they violate everything we call common sense. Natural laws are derived from continued observation and inductive arguments, and once you have seen apples falling down a sufficient number of times, you no longer really believe it is possible they will fall upwards tomorrow.


The reason I suspect that quantum mechanics is currently en vogue as a hiding spot for the soul is that this is a fantastically counter-intuitive branch of science, and it is also complicated, generally only understood (if 'understood' is a good term here) by people who have a firm grasp of mathematics and physics. Previously, the theory of relativity has been popular among adherents of all sort of pseudo-science and new age'isms. It has the same convenient qualities as quantum mechanics: it is difficult to understand and its implications are quite baffling. Where understanding is lacking, it is easy to try to fit in some preconceived ideas. I am certainly no expert in either field, but I have never seen anyone giving a rational explanation of why QM or relativity should really support any form of supernaturalism. Rather, I see many examples of complicated terms being misused, and often used to baffle believers to conclude that a particular preacher knows more than he or she really does. Thus, I admise caution in adapting the terminology from science and using it where it does not belong.


The second problem I want to point out to supernaturalists who believe in the soul is an argument I already touched in my first article.


We know from empirical data that physical damage to the brain sometimes permanently damages a part of a person's memory. Sometimes, also, various abilites and talents are lost. When the physical brain is damaged, through accidents, disease or use of restricted substances, the personality and memory is directly affected. Sometimes scientists can learn a lot by observing which parts of the brain is damaged, and what effects this have on the patient, thus making meaningful conclusions about how the brain operates.


Now, if we really have a soul, which somehow retains all (or most of) this information independent from the physical brain, why does physical damage to the brain have this effect? Furthermore, as a person dies, more and more of the brain is destroyed, and the personality disappears along with it. This is a tragic spectacle to experience for anyone who has seen a loved one die a slow death. We see no evidence that there is a soul who keeps the mind alive through the decay and eventual destruction of the brain.


Why, then, should we believe that when the brain is totally destroyed, the personality, memories and abilities suddenly reappears in a non-physical form? Is the soul a metaphysical backup of our physical brain that is somehow liberated, tranformed to spirit form (whatever that is) and can live on.


I will reassert that the belief in a soul is a rudiment of an ancient, supernatural understanding of the world. It may have make sense for an ancient. who tried to understand how a person can live, to postulate an inanimate power within that was the 'real' person. It could then follow that this power, or soul, could survive death. But when it became obvious that thougths are directly linked to electrical and chemical processes in our physical brain, this view ceased to be rational. It defies reason and it defies the actual facts we have on the table. That many intelligent, otherwise rational people subscribe to this idea, I attribute to our species' remarkable tendency to be conservative in retaining beliefs and practices long after their usefulness is over.


The 'soul' is a relic of the past, an expression of nostalgia. To a significant degree it is also an expression of our desire for immortality. But wanting something to be true does not make it factual. 

Jan Haugland.

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Alain14522584 Alain14522584 3 years
To Whom This May Concern i recently killed my 2 month puppy dog while i was asleep. i was hugging it at night kuz i notice it was shivering and cold, but i only had 1 blanket that was warm. so i put him with me and later that night he crawled behind me. when i notice in me sleep that he wasnt next to me anymore i rolled back on my back ( i was still asleep) the next morning i woke up and i called for my dog thinking he just went to relieve himself. To my suprise i got no answer, but he was a fox type dog ( miniature pincher) so i wasnt worry when i didnt hear a bark. then wen i didnt find him any where i was worried. finally i found him under all my sheets where i was laying. when i called him he didnt answer so i knew something was wrong so i felt it's pulse and it had none. So, at that point i was super sad and i knew my little brother and sister would be devastated. so i tried everything to bring him bak but nothing worked. so i was so surprised and so i hugged it for 3 hrs and cried my eyes out. though medically my dog was dead about after 1 hr of crying i heard a low wimper of a dog and i knew it was my dog lucky because he only wimpers and never barks and none of my nieghbors have dogs with that wimper. so that made me feel better because it made feel like he said, " its kay i died because i had the best time of my life with u'. though im still in dis-pare and im lost in my own thought. i am a 13 year old and i love my dog lucky more than anything, i loved it next to my parents. so thinking it went to lil doggy heaven is better thn thinking it's gone forever and because of me it left earth so very soon. after that i started to think if i hadnt bought it it wouldnt have died and if i didnt sleep with it it would still be next to me right this second. so it's kay for people to think there are souls and having a way to feel better and that there whom ever passed away is in a better place. So, people dont really have to be all against religion because it is not proved. its a way to say bye to a lost one without feeling as bad and as angry to yourself as you would have.personally in not christian, catholic, Jewish, or Muslim. i just believe in a god and heaven where people go to rest at the end of there cycle. its only been 9hrs. since the lost of my dog and i already miss him more than i have missed anything.
Alexander13041304 Alexander13041304 3 years
Wow,what a load of crap...First of all, who is this Jan Haugland? Quick googling didn't bring ANY credential scientist with such name. Second,did the author took time to read ,for example,"Irreducible Mind"?Are all authors of this book while arguing for immaterial consciousness "insane"? I don't think so "In fact, the idea of a soul or spirit is ludicruous. To say that science has not disproved the idea for all intents and purposes is fooling oneself. In all other ways of life, the logical absurdities of postulating a "spirit being" would lead all sane people to reject it. We would assume that the idea was rejected. But out of respect (mistaken IMO) for religious emotions people still pretend that science has not disproved the idea of a spirit. For all intents and purposes, it has." Hmm...well known quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf thinks differently:"I believe that the findings of quantum physics increasingly support Plato [who taught that there is a more perfect, non-material realm of existence]. There is evidence that suggests the existence of a non-material, non-physical universe that has a reality even though it might not as yet be clearly perceptible to our senses and scientific instrumentation. When we consider out-of-body experiences, shamanic journeys and lucid dream states, though they cannot be replicated in the true scientific sense, they also point to the existence of non-material dimensions of reality. (1998:245)" Who is more "sane" and scientifically trusted,the author of the article or this physicist? I suspect latter. I tried hardly to find the blog of Mr.Haugland, I'd like to talk to him personally or to invite him to participate in forums where well informed non-materialists express their opinions,but ...
anxious74 anxious74 3 years
Hi there, my father passed away on Oct 13th 2012 and based on his religious belief, we did some prayers by providing food to 150 peopl3 in a Sikh temple. My dad could not swallow solid food since July when he was diagnosed with 4th stage esophageal cancer. We grieve each day and try to console ourselves thinking and hoping that his soul is after.peace and that he is now free from feeding tubes and other discomfort. I realize the importance to believe in something, anything. Something to.keep us sane and
Joe2751419 Joe2751419 4 years
To "Cherlene" and everybody else... There are two times in our lives, which we do not have any control over. Where and When we come into this world, and When we leave this world. In between those TWO times, we have the ability to think for ourselves, with the BRAIN that each one of us has, and decide for ourselves, if something is TRUE, A FACT, PURE SPECULATION, OR JUST A "BELIEF". I "belief" is not a FACT, it is an emotional "feeling". A long, long time ago, human beings "believed" that the world was FLAT. We NOW know better, don't we? Pass history is filled with stories about what people believed , and the "gods" they believed in. Again, believing something, that does not make it a fact. When the brain shuts down, there is no confirmed evidence, anyway, that any "spirit" or "soul", continues to exist or go anywhere. Of course, people use the words "spirit" and "soul" in their daily language, for many, many different things. That doesn't mean they really "believe" in a Supernatural Being, anymore than they really "believe" Santa Claus is real too. Human beings have a hard time "believing", that the ONLY LIFE that they will ever have. They just refuse to believe that "this is it", because it IS a short life, indeed. Actually, if we instead "believed" that "this is it", we would definitely make it our business, to live the very best life that we could, wouldn't we? We would take better care of ourselves, by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods (most of the time, ha, ha). This Nation (America) has the worst record of Obese human beings on this Planet, what a shame. We would save SOME of our hard-earned-money we make, for things that really matter to us, and for our retirement days, which ARE coming. We would be more loving and understanding of ALL of our family members, friends, and co-workers. We would improve our own lives in many, many ways, so that we could live a long, healthy, and prosperous life, until our final day. Instead, ALL the "religions" have Brainwashed us into thinking, that "this life" is not so important, because we have a better, perfect life, waiting for us in "heaven"! How sad, how very, very sad, that most human beings have "believed" that BIG LIE for so, so very long. You still have some time (but not very much) to live your own life, as you see fit. To improve your life and the life of others, before it's too late, and you are gone. It's really ALL...up to you my friends!
sushkash sushkash 5 years
All the above posts are thought provoking.Thanks for sharing it with the subscribers.What I have been able to know from various sources is that there is no life after death.Some priests from Buddhism, Hinduism etc. have expressed their belief in reincarnation and existence of immortal soul but so far we do not see any evidence of rebirth of the same soul.Prophets have been telling this from the scripts they have studied in their Holy books but we believe that we are product of biological process of X and Y sperms and there is nothing beyond that.The cells of our body start withering as we grow old and this way either of the vital organs gets out of order and makes our system complicated to run further and this is how we come to the end of our life .All rituals after the death seems to be creation of various religious sects to highlight their identity in the world but actually there is no sense behind such religious formalities.Once you are gone, you are gone for ever ,never to born again. That is why we say enjoy your life to the fullest till you have your system in order or else you will regret later.Every life has a journey schedule.We do not know which will be the last stop.We try our best to perform good in our communities but sometimes we gets defeated and face unforeseen problems.This is how the life runs.There is no pre-determined kind of thing in the world.Bad things happen to good people also. We cannot be compared with a bullet . A speeding bullet or a tumor has no conscious .But of course, we feel that we have something like conscious inside but are not sure we have spirit kind of thing also.There is lot of confusion about existence of spirit but we do not find any evidence of its presence.Most of the Saints from East and Egyptian world have been telling about the presence of spirit/soul but could not prove practically. They read and guess and preach accordingly. It seems soul or spirit is the another name of conscious. We have to admit that whenever we commit any offence, conscious tells us here you are wrong. Whenever we are questioned by the Police about the happening of theft, the several impression appears on our face, that is why we say Face is the index of Mind.So we have to realize that something like conscious or in other words soul or spirit do exist.Anyways, still there is big question mark on the existence of spirit or soul and we do not have any physical evidence of its presence inside our body.This has become a unsolved mystery.
Haroldas Haroldas 5 years
Soul does not exist. The proof is here:
jono1 jono1 5 years
i found the above article both intelligent and inspiring to read, i agree that the "self" as we all think of ourselves lives only in the brain's synapses and neural connections and when we die and the neurones stop firing then we cease to be. if we are to find immortally it would only be in the people we leave behind who's minds we have effective hopefully positively whilst living our lives in the search of truth and the shunning of ignorance, which if left unhindered could cage us all and i personally find that sentiment more beautiful and 'truthful' than any scripture or any selfish notions of immortality.
Grandpa Grandpa 5 years
Danqxz, I have spent 40+ years searching for that answer. The best I can say is that there is a compelling case to be made for Intelligent Design. However there is no case that can be made for an immortal soul, or life after death. I just ask all those that practice a religion, and I mean any sect around the world, if God was that interested in spreading his "Word", wouldn't have picked a more efficient way then just cluing in just one person in a single place on this planet to spread "the Word", and not letting everyone know on this earth at the same time?
Danqxz Danqxz 5 years
Gort: 'However, 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and Hebrews 4:12 indicate that one’s soul and spirit are not the same, although “soul” and “spirit” are usually synonyms.' These passages are frequently cited by Christians to indicate the New Testament speaks definitively of the 'tripartite' nature of man. Leaving aside the obvious objection that the NT is not scientific authority, but religious, the passages simply do not explicitly state there is a difference between spirit and soul, let alone define those differences. Biblical style is frequently redundant. A concept supposedly so vital to NT theology would be explicated more thoroughly and would be done throughout the Bible. Christians err even by their own lights when try to interpret their poetry as if it were a legal contract or a scientific treatise. I ask again, what is the SCIENTIFIC basis or working theory that explains the existence of a spirit (or soul) as distinct from the mind that the brain produces by it's physical properties? What explanation do you have that is distinct from magic or mystery? Is there some third phenomenon in the universe? Something distinct from matter and energy?
Grandpa Grandpa 5 years
It is next to impossible for one to conceive of the fact, yet acknowledge that they will cease to exist. Decades ago when i first reached the conclusion that there was no proof of nor a scientific theory supporting an immortal soul, and that when your brain shuts down that one final time that is it, there is no more you; i wondered how i would approach that point. Would "I find religion", panic, or be despondent over the thought he end was nigh. Now that I am in my 7th decade, and time for me moves faster and faster (of which i have a theory why tat happens), I really am no different then when i was 30 or 40. I live each day, still have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. In some ways i look forward to that end time. I wonder what my reaction would be if there is something out there after wards. I can just see me opening my eyes and seen a man standing there with the head of a jackel, saying it is time for your for you final series of tests. My first thought would pronbaly be , damn I wish I paid more attention to "The Book of The dead" when i had the chance. : :fogey: :ROFL:
Danqxz Danqxz 5 years
The original blog by Jan Hagland mirrors my own thinking. Those who believe in a soul or in spirits do not even have a working theory to explain the phenomenon. Their beliefs are indistinct from a belief in magic. In addition to the arguments of Hagland, let me add an example: If the soul/spirit is distinct from consciousness and is not connected to the 'real world' involving a biochemical process in the brain, why is this 'spirit' affected by alcohol and other drugs? For this to happen, the spirit must be part of the world of matter and energy as is consciousness; yet those who believe in the soul do not even have a theory on how this could work. If they do, I'd love to hear about it.
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
:HUG: Grandpa :)
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
yes Knarf here i do agree with you and still not - it is easier to deny than to walk the path... :) cheers
Grandpa Grandpa 6 years
knarf, my mind is open until non cogito ego, that still does not prevent me from reaching logical conclusions based on current evidence.
knarf knarf 6 years
Why must one's soul maintain memory/personality after death? You admit that there are areas of the mind that are not understood, so why can you take such a firm stand on your beliefs? Do you believe we (humans) have a spiritual (not religious) mind? Is it a result of a biochemical process? Your car-spirit analogy is not appropriate. Did this car have a self-awareness? Emotions? Cognition? Creativity? I believe you need to stay open-minded until all of the mysteries of the mind are revealed to us.
Grandpa Grandpa 6 years
:heart: Iveenia :heart:
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
Grandpa - we all do have an individual sight of things - we get to know / make different experiences - so we all - e.g. humans see/experience things differently - the exchange is important - if we do not exchange - we will not step further :) so humans need humans - :) it is ok to be and see and feel and experience differently - i am not the "best thing since sliced bread" - i can fail, too - pretty often i did and still do... so spiritual edu cannot prevent us fm making mistakes when we educate our kids or argue with our partner - friends - family etc... with this i just wish to tell all Atheists - that God exists :) and Angels, too - and our spiritual Leaders and our Higher Self - so if born to this Earth we get "two" for the price of one - i.e. our higher self is "up" there and we are on Earth - so we are double :) we should be grateful whatever we go through - we all hv health problems - yet still we take too much for granted - we should learn an important lesson - - we should "prestige our heart and soul" not our belongings - is ok - maybe that is/was too much :) yet - i learnt my lesson - i let go of all - except my kids - i.e. i left all behind - ALL my belongings and i know - all our stuff is lent - we cannot take it along - that is why i just say: ENJOY YOUR EXPERIENCES - YOUR LOVED ONES and YOUR APPRENTICESHIPS - yes - learn a lot - do a lot and LIVE - that is what we can take along - our memories and knowledge and i am sure our loved / lovely moments as well - i.e. our heart thank you for bringing me back to Earth :) Grandpa
Grandpa Grandpa 6 years
iIeenia, as I have noted before, I will never be able to say "I told you so", if i am right. You all on the other hand can say to me "I told you so" if I am wrong in my analysis. Given a choice here I would rather be wrong then right, but I doubt it...unfortunately.
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
Dear BOTH of you - Gort and Grandpa - and all of you i am pursueing a spiritual education with a very wonderful teacher - who sees ALL - the lost souls who cannot find the way to the light - the bad - the good etc. - and i can fully assure you that we are reborn and reborn again - but - and this i know too - i cannot prove it - i can only see them at the moment fm other eyes - the people who pursue the same education as i do - because i am a telepath - so i see what they see - and hear the thoughts they think - i.e. i do not hv the sight yet - yet i can confirm because in my dreams i see it / them e.g. all. my conclusion to this is VERY simple - BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT / WISH and THINK - it IS YOUR OWN BIZ - not mine - i believe - and i will go this path till my end of life on this planet - then - when i am dead - i will know more - but then i might not communicate with you anymore unless you chose the same path... :SHRUG: it is also your choice to call me a nutcase - :) i don't care - my path is my path btw: reading the "LOST SYMBOL" fm Dan Brown - confirms the SOUL exists - so whatever - or whoever or whenever etc. that is upon GOD YOU ALL HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS INSIDE OF YOU :) it is YOUR CHOICE WHAT YOU DO WITH IT :) Cheers
Grandpa Grandpa 6 years
"’s spirit is his personality configuration that developed in his brain similar to a hologram. When a person dies, his spirit is transferred from his brain to either New Jerusalem or the Place of Torment. There is not one scintilla of scientific evidence to back this up, and a plethora that debunk it. "Revealed" truths are not scientific evidence, I am sorry to say.
Gort-Gort Gort-Gort 6 years
Christians believe a person’s spirit does all his thinking and emotion, even after his body dies, but atheists point out that minor brain damage can seriously affect a person’s thinking and personality. Moreover, neural networks (artificial and biological) have a thinking process of selective path amplification through rewards and punishments. Atheists say this is evidence that the brain does the thinking instead of a spirit. However, 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and Hebrews 4:12 indicate that one’s soul and spirit are not the same, although “soul” and “spirit” are usually synonyms. Animals have souls that cannot be disembodied, but it is generally agreed that animals do not have eternal spirits. These facts suggest that the soul is the brain, and one’s spirit is his personality configuration that developed in his brain similar to a hologram. When a person dies, his spirit is transferred from his brain to either New Jerusalem or the Place of Torment.
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 6 years
:HUG: Thankyou :flower:
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
thank you Cher :HUG:
Cherlene Cherlene 6 years
Thank you Iveenia! That short statement touched 'home' in my heart as being exactly what I needed to hear. I agree, you are VERY wise and so much the same as Ruby and Pink! Like I said, I am lucky to have found such a wonderful group of intelligent, enchanting, heart warming, fun friends! Thank you :hug:
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
oh Ruby - :HUG: thank you so much :)
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