Drew Barrymore Goes to Brunch With Daughter Olive

Drew Barrymore Brunches With Olive and Talks "Having It All"

Drew Barrymore wore casual brown boots in LA.

Drew Barrymore carried her adorable daughter, Olive Kopelman, on her way to brunch in LA yesterday. Drew spent time with her little one after focusing on business earlier in the week at Lucky's Fashion and Beauty Blog conference. At the magazine's event, Drew mingled with fellow fashion-savvy friends like Julianne Hough and Kelly Osbourne and gave a few interviews. During one chat, Drew said she didn't think women could have it all personally and professionally. She said, "I think some things fall off the table. The good news is, what does stay on the table becomes much more important." Drew, who acts in, produces, and directs films on top of recently creating her own makeup line, went on to say that as Olive gets older she'll get back into work, but at this time, she doesn't plan on missing a moment with Olive.

Source: X17 Online