Drew Enjoys a Smoke and a Hike

Earlier in the week, Drew and Cameron took off to celebrate Drew's birthday in Hawaii and she has been spending her days enjoying the island ever since. Drew may be especially active with her love of the outdoors, but that sort of passion bleeds into the other facets of her life as well, like her work. Here's more from the Jane article:

ON STAYING ACTIVE…“I’m such a workaholic and so f*cking on fire all the time, it bewilders the sh*t out of me…If you’re interested in something, you have to act on it. When you get ideas, don’t just let them be fleeting thoughts that flow into the universe, so that later you look back and think, ‘God, I wish I had done something about that.’ Just go for it and never be afraid.”

This is obviously part of the secret to Drew's success. To see more of Drew's birthday hike, just read more