Drew Isn't Afraid of Red Carpet Annihilation at Grey Gardens

Drew Isn't Afraid of Red Carpet Annihilation at Grey Gardens

Drew Barrymore perfectly looked the part at the premiere of Grey Gardens in NYC last night. She was joined by costars Jessica Lange — who looked great after her recent fall — and Jeanne Tripplehorn. It was a rainy night in Manhattan but the HBO movie's stars smiled big on the red carpet. Drew Barrymore's maybe on-again boyfriend and definitely repeat costar Justin Long also came out to support the film. On the red carpet Drew talked about taking on the role and how she related to her character:

  • On her red carpet fashion: "People get annihilated if people don’t like what they’re wearing, but then they dress plain to not get annihilated and then that’s boring. So I don’t care what people say I want to have fun with fashion."
  • On playing Little Edie: "I only care about if she thinks that I did right by her. And I lived and breathed her for three months, I cut off myself from the rest of the world to literally understand really being isolated in life and not live in a world with technology and to not have friends and family in abundance around me and I just kept thinking, 'I just want to honor you, I just want to honor you, I just want to honor you.'"
  • On missing playing the part: "The whole thing was challenging and scary. I’ve never been so terrified in my life [as when I was] pulling off Little Edie. . . I think one of my favorite things about her is her — and maybe it’s a character flaw, but I find it wonderful — is that she’s not afraid to show her emotions. She’s not afraid to be childlike. She’s not afraid to dance around a room. She’s not afraid to be angry. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable and quiet and calm and sad and to have that level of range as a human being I just find that rather interesting."

Grey Gardens premieres this Saturday on HBO. To see more from the premiere including Kristen Wiig, Justin Long, Stanley Tucci and others just read more.

Images include: Drew Barrymore, Jessica Lange, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Kristen Wiig, Justin Long, Rudy Guiliani, Stanley Tucci, Jimmy Fallon