Drew's Playful Attitude Lands Her New Gig

Drew's Playful Attitude Lands Her New Gig

Drew may be famous and beautiful and best friends with Cameron Diaz, but that doesn't mean she gets a free pass through airport security. Luckily it looks like she was a good sport about being closely scrutinized with that metal-detector wand while leaving from LAX yesterday. We're not sure where the ladies are headed and why they are leaving LA right before the Oscars. Perhaps they are heading to Hawaii for some surfing or overseas to promote Music and Lyrics. Drew has another gig overseas to support. She just signed on to be the face of Giles Deacon's Gold by Giles design campaign at New Look, a bargain chic UK clothing company. Here's more:

"Despite her Hollywood associations, she is ballsy and has a playful 'child-woman' appeal," says Deacon. Adds a New Look representative: "She always looks like she's having a good time."

We see what they mean, Drew is a beautiful woman who will always be young at heart. She's also definitely among the group of celebs that we'd love to hang out with. For more pics of Drew and Cam enjoying airport security just read more