If the rumors are true (which, let's face it, they're probably not) then Drew has had quite the array of men since her break up with Fab a few weeks ago. From Bruce Willis to Zach Braff to...Spike Jonze. Could that list be more random? If you're not familiar, Jonze, a movie/music video/commercial director who was once married to Sofia Coppola, actually seems like a pretty nice fit for pro-hipster Drew. Drew supposedly spent her Valentine's Day canoodling with Jonze at the Arcade Fire, who are on maybe the best SNL line-up ever this weekend, show in New York. Awwwwww...how...indiemantic. Plus, rumor has it that the AF show the prior evening hosted Fab and Kirsten Dunst. Scandalous? Well, at least they successfully coordinated nights. People hide your lovers, underneath the covers.

P.S. First Eva now Drew with the leggings on TRL? It's like the slightly-older-than-target-demographic actresses (or their stylists) think they need to do what the kids are doing when they go on the tween-skewed show.

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