Drew Still A Wild Child at Heart

Drew has a great reputation in Hollywood as being a consummate professional but she didn't always have a flawless image. She was quite the party girl at the tender age of 13 and by 15 she was in rehab. These days you won't see her running around panty less in Hollywood. You can, however, evidently find her completely nude on a good day in Ireland. Here's more:

"I'll drive in Ireland and park my car and run out into the field and rip all my clothes off and just run in the wheat fields naked. That's for no one to see. That's to have that freedom of feeling, like, at one with nature. So I am completely unguarded still," she tells this Sunday's PARADE magazine.

"I think it alarms people, because I'm so responsible now that when I do do it, it's almost surprising rather than, 'Oh, that's just her doing her thing again.'"

She was probably referring to when she was 20 and flashed Letterman on national television, which she, BTW, says she has no regrets about: "How fun was that? I'm so glad I was so free at one point in my life." If Drew has been able to come back from being such a wild child, and even a stint in rehab there just might be hope for our little Linds - maybe. For more pics of Drew at The Ivy in London just read more