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The Duff is #23 - But For Her, That's Really Good

The Duff is #23 - But For Her, That's Really Good

Hilary Duff wasn't exactly looking like a sexpot in LA the other day but she scored herself the 23rd spot on the 2007 Maxim Hot 100 list this year. Duff definitely has a more mature look and sound these days by going brunette and putting out her album, Dignity. In fact, she wasn't even on the list last year so #23 is a big deal for Ms Duff! Let's just hope the magazine doesn't convince her to get in her underwear any time soon since she still seems a little too innocent for all that.

To see the whole Maxim Hot 100 List just click here and to see more images and listen to Hil's latest single, Stranger, just read more

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