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Eclipse Clip- Fight Training

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athena4rob athena4rob 6 years
hey moviemaven, yes i'm still in greece.that's a great idea. i'll get on it soon. we have plenty of time until christmas anyway :) i'll message you and we'll figure it out :)
MovieMaven MovieMaven 6 years
athena4rob - when you get a chance, we need a post dedicated to Rob's gym stuff so we can figure out how to include all the Spunk's Girls in sending his Christmas gift. - Hope you're having fun in Greece if you're still there.
MindyRPattz MindyRPattz 6 years
I like it!!!
MovieMaven MovieMaven 6 years
Look what I ran across today:
RobsGirl1000 RobsGirl1000 6 years
I Love Rob in this and I am so disappointed that they took this scene out of the movie!
silia silia 6 years
this is one of my favorite scenes......
MindyRPattz MindyRPattz 6 years
MovieMaven I love T-shirt!!!!
athena4rob athena4rob 6 years
Love the Tshirt :) It's so Rob
MovieMaven MovieMaven 6 years
Haven't found any good shirts except maybe this one:
MindyRPattz MindyRPattz 6 years
OMG!!!!! LMFAO yes, that the outfit!!!!!
athena4rob athena4rob 6 years
no, its not a Harry Potter scarf. It's Ralph Lauren actually. Oh God, that outfitmade me think of this :rotfl:
MindyRPattz MindyRPattz 6 years
yeah, we should find a Karate shirt to go with it!!! We should get his inital on the bag thats a must! Good Idea Girl!!!
MovieMaven MovieMaven 6 years
Somebody find him a vintage karate shirt to go with his karate pants :)
MovieMaven MovieMaven 6 years
Is that a Harry Potter scarf :rotfl: ? Like your idea of a gym outfit, though. I like both gym bags, but what about embroidering his initials unto it? I think it would make a good Christmas present. His fan mail address is common knowledge, so that's no problem. We're having too much fun :D .
MindyRPattz MindyRPattz 6 years
OOOOOOMMMMMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Athena my thoughts exactly!!! what about just the scarf? I mean, who really need clothes when your just going to get sweat on it anyways. plus he doesn't have to worry about removing clothes, he can just jump in the shower afterwards. what do you think??? but love the outfit!!!
athena4rob athena4rob 6 years
i'm loving the gym bags gals! Now how about an outfit? what do you think about this one? :)
MindyRPattz MindyRPattz 6 years
MovieMaven, I like this one too! or
MindyRPattz MindyRPattz 6 years
i think its nice!! we should buy it for him and send!!! LMFAO what the official address for his fans to send fan mail??? we should get him a whole workout outfit too. lol
MovieMaven MovieMaven 6 years
OMg, MindyRPattz - I was just looking for 1 for him this morning. I know it's inexpensive, but what about this one:
MindyRPattz MindyRPattz 6 years
MovieMaven this training scene always reminds me that he need a gym bag! :(
ya3 ya3 6 years
love this scene
Tereses24 Tereses24 6 years
haha i loved this scene soo much! =] they really imporved on the fighting and Robert is sooooo yummy in his fighting scene and may i say i like it more when Jasper gets speaking parts now =] he is verrry cute!
athena4rob athena4rob 6 years
that's so true moviemaven. they always put the best ones in the credits for some reason. it doesnt make sense
Bri4everRob Bri4everRob 6 years
He looks so hot in this scene. This is one of my fav scenes!!!! OMG I cant stand how hot he is. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!
MovieMaven MovieMaven 6 years
athena4Rob - the more i watch Eclipse, the more i can hear and appreciate the score and soundtrack. Still sucks that they put some of the best soundtrack songs in the end credits.
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