Some cute little ladies came out to celebrate at a poolside BBQ at the Roosevelt Hotel. What were they celebrating? Why Bartles & Jaymes Wine Coolers, naturally! Keep it classy, Los Angeles. Carmen and Sophia looked pretty darn cute while Elisha was a little bit too PINK (which is saying a lot, because obviously we love pink around these parts). Hopefully the ladies were able to get some food -- wine coolers on an empty stomach are never a good call. Mmmmm, Summer = BBQs. Delicious.

To see more pics of the party-goers including Haylie Duff, Bijou, Jason Biggs milking a fake cow and more just read more

Images include Haylie Duff, Beverly Mitchell, Bijou Phillips, Carmen Electra, Chris Judd, Elisha Cuthbert, Jason Biggs, Sophia Bush, Taryn Manning