Eva Longoria took a break from all her wedding planning to help launch Bebe Sport (and celebrate her 32nd birthday) in LA last night. Eva was named the face of the new branch of bebe in January, but this is the first big event where she's strutted her spokesmodel stuff. The Duff sisters were also out with a vengeance (and dare I say, Haylie is really stepping up her game) along with Katharine McPhee and Daisy Fuentes. Random! In other Eva news, her big day, July 7, is fast approaching (okay, fine, like 3.5 months) and she's obviously excited to gush about her plans. She even recently told Marie Claire that she wants her friend Kenny Chesney to play at the reception. Well played, Eva, cause now it could be totally awkward if he says no.

Speaking of Eva's big day, stay tuned at the end of March, when we officially launch our Wedding Season 2007 Coverage on all the Sugar Sites!! Good. Times.

To see more of Eva (including her wielding an enormous knife), Hil/Hayl, Brenda Strong and Daisy Fuentes just read more

Images include: Eva Longoria, Brenda Strong, Daisy Fuentes, Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff