Tony and Eva's wedding is finally tomorrow, but the star-studded events are just getting started! From St Tropez to Disneyland, it's been hard to keep up with these two. The guests, like Desperate Housewives costars and generous BFF Mario Lopez, have started to arrive in Paris and last night Eva & Tony took them out on a cruise on the Seine. On Tuesday, Tony apparently surprised Eva with a trip to a private medieval citadel with amazing views! Awww! As for other pre-wedding festivities, by law the couple has to have a civil ceremony at City Hall on Friday afternoon before their Saturday wedding. I gotta say, these two used to bug me to no end, but at this point I can't wait to see the wedding pictures -- especially that insane dress!

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Images include Andrei Kirilenko, Brenda Strong, Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, Teri Hatcher, Emerson Rose Tenney, Jessica Alba, Mario Lopez, Thierry Henry